Test Methods

The test method references included in these pages are for information only. By making these available on its site, EHRAC does not imply approval of any particular method or any preference.

However, all of the methods have been published in peer reviewed or similar journals. In some cases they have been in use for many years and have undergone a series of refinements, in other cases they have been 'ring-tested' across a number of organisations to determine the reproducibility of results across different test centres.

It should be noted that whilst these methods may allow a standard test procedure to be followed, it should not be assumed that all test organisations using that method would produce the same results. For this reason it is often advised that the same test centre is used, particularly when testing samples from a wide geographical area or from year to year.

Website links to the references outlining test methods are included when available. Some of these can be viewed in the open literature but others will need separate permissions to access the full relevant journal articles.