Who We Are

Welcome to the webpage of U.S.A. Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (USA HRAC). The group is a specialist technical committee consisting of industry representatives from the major crop protection and plant science companies of the Unites States. The committee works closely with Global HRAC and the other Regional HRAC groups as well as affiliated organizations including CropLife International and CropLife America.

Herbicides have become an integral part of efficient food production. The loss of a herbicide to agriculture through weed resistance is a problem that affects us all. It may lead to unexpected and costly crop losses for farmers, causing local shortages and increased food prices.

The problem of herbicide resistance has increased since the advent of highly effective compounds with specific sites of action. Although representing marked improvements in performance, experience has shown that these herbicidal compounds may be prone to having resistance develop over time. As reliance on these herbicides increases, a complete weed management program is required to safeguard their effectiveness.

Industry recognizes its stewardship and sustainability responsibilities when new chemistries are brought to market. USA HRAC strives to establish more effective communications to alert all those involved in the research, production, marketing, registration and use of herbicides, on the issues of weed resistance and importance of effective resistance management.

The information contained in the USA HRAC webpages and on the other HRAC pages is part of the Committee’s stewardship activities.