2020 HRAC Global Herbicide MoA Classification: Transition From Letters to Numbers

Global HRAC (Herbicide Resistance Action Committee) developed a Fact Sheet about the 2020 review of the Herbicide MoA classification.

To support the widespread adoption of responsible resistance management practices, CropLife International members have voluntarily made a commitment to include Mode of Action icons and groups on all crop protection product labels by 2023. In the meantime, Global HRAC updated the Herbicide MoA classification. It was necessary to capture new active ingredients and ensure the classification system reflects the current state of knowledge. In addition, to ensure global consensus between HRACs (Global and regional), CropLife (International and Australia) and some Weed Societies (such as WSSA), the classification was harmonized globally, and a transition was made from alphabetical to numerical codes which are more globally relevant and sustainable.

Countries currently using the legacy codes will require a transition period including education and communication before a change to numerical codes can be implemented. During this period, Global HRAC will continue to support legacy alphabetic codes and aims to fully implement the numerical code by the end of 2023.

See the CLI Letter and the Fact Sheet (Infographic) and watch the short Video.

Global HRAC Team
Executive Committee / Communication Group / MoA Group